Passport Acquisition Consultants               
Facilitating the Process One Company at a Time!

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Government Contract Consulting - Why PPAC3

Our notable instruction team includes Levels II & III rank Acquisition Certified Professionals in Government Contracting who have granted rare and exceptional contracting knowledge to our ambitious business clients. 

Our Professional Instructors have worked as Contract Specialists in the Federal Sector, gained immense experience, and thoroughly understand the Acquisition process. Because of this, we are able to specially facilitate and streamline everything we teach!

PPAC3 provides a passport advantage into the world of government contracting for your company‚Äôs success to compete in doing business with the Federal Government!  

Unlike our competitors, PPAC3 provides FOIA Liaison Services which takes being competitive for your future contracts to the next level!

PPAC3's FOIA Liaison Services allows us to make inquiries on previously granted bids on your behalf to streamline your competitive advantage in winning contracts.

Our nationwide Live Stream, Workshops, Instructional Videos, and Subscription Services are available live and on demand.